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Harassed by Debt Collectors After Bankruptcy?
What They're Doing to you May be Illegal

Stop Debt Collectors
After Bankruptcy



    Debt collectors harassing people for old debts that were included in their bankruptcy is a new financial epidemic in this country. It's being called 'zombie debt', and there are simple, effective and inexpensive solutions available to you to stop these debt collectors.


    We've put together the most important information in one package to enable you to thwart such attacks with the knowledge of the laws necessary to win.

A 'Zombie Debt' Package Gives You the Position
of Strength You Need to Have Peace of Mind: $15

If you're being pressured by debt collectors, here's what they're up to:

    Collection agencies are targeting old bankrupt debt, buying it for less than a penny on the dollar. 'Zombie Debt' collectors typically target bankruptcies over ten years old, because they know that you probably don't have your old bankruptcy records anymore. Some collection agencies even look to see if you've re-established good credit before buying your bankrupt accounts. They know that if you have, you're more likely to pay them simply because you won't want something negative on your credit after you've worked so hard to clean it up.

Dealing with Zombie Debt collectors can be intimidating,
but not when you know the Federal laws protecting you.

    All you need to know are the simple legal remedies that are right at your fingertips. We have gone to a great deal of effort to provide you with the clear, concise path you can take to stop debt collection agencies from harassing you and your family. Peace of mind can be yours.

The Zombie Debt package includes:

  1. A legally binding "Cease and Desist" demand letter to stop all harassing phone calls and communications immediately.
  2. The things you must do immediately to protect yourself – and what you want to be sure not to do.
  3. What needs to be done within 30 days of being contacted by the collection agency, to eliminate any potential deception.
  4. The online complaint forms for the Federal and State agencies that oversee collection agency misconduct.
  5. The links to dispute, directly with the credit repositories, any derogatory information an agency puts on your credit report.
  6. What to do if a collection agency breaks the law by reporting 'rolling late payments' for a collection on your credit.
  7. What to say to eliminate any harassing phone calls at your place of work if you are receiving them.
  8. How to involve the Bankruptcy Court to deem the collection agency "in contempt of court" – at no cost to you.
  9. The simple, inexpensive fundamentals of suing an agency – with NO attorney's fees – in Small Claims Court. This process is usually as inexpensive as $20 to $100, and can result in your being awarded up to $7,500 for damages. Remember, trying to collect on debts discharged by a bankruptcy court is illegal (except for student loans, tax liens, and child support).
  10. A list of many of the common unprofessional activities for which you can easily sue bill collectors who try to coerce you.
  11. A copy of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which are your Federal Rights protecting you from this onslaught.

This package - with or without your List of Creditors - is a powerful tool to
deter debt collection agencies from trying to collect your old discharged debt.

WARNING: This package is NOT for collections regarding Student Loans, Tax Liens, or Child Support. Seek legal counsel regarding Student Loans, Tax Liens, Child Support, or any other debts owed the Federal Government.

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