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Get a Copy of U.S. Bankruptcy Court Records
from all 50 States and U.S. Territories

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions regarding getting Bankruptcy Court Records online.

Feel free to call our Help Desk with any questions you have:


(800) 650-5002

Q: “How do you deliver my documents?”

A: Your documents are emailed to you in 1 business hour. You can also request that they be faxed or mailed.

Q: “How soon will I receive my bankruptcy records?”

A: Standard delivery time is 1 business hour, via e-mail.

Q: “Are these my actual court records?”

A: Yes – These are the Official  U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court records that were issued by the judge presiding in your case. (examples)

Q: “Will I be able to print them out?   What format do my bankruptcy records come in?”

A: Yes – You can print them, email them, and save them to your computer for safe keeping. Your records are emailed in standard PDF format.

Q: “Can you send them to more than one e-mail address for me… and is there a charge?”

A: We’ll gladly forward your records from bankruptcy court to as many parties as you need, and

there’s no additional charge. Simply call our Help Desk with the e-mail addresses you need your records to be sent to.

Q: “I’m not sure what documents I really need.”

A: That’s okay – Here are some of the more typically requested documents for particular situations:
If you are getting an FHA, VA, or SBA loan, you’ll typically need your full file. If you are trying to correct some errors on your credit report, you’ll likely only need the Schedules Package. The Schedules Package is also what you’ll need to counter any attempts by collection agencies to collect on an old debt that was discharged in bankruptcy court. If you’re trying to rent an apartment, or buy a car, you’ll usually only need your Discharge papers, Dismissal papers, or Final Decree (whichever applies). If you have any doubts about exactly what you need, it’s best to ask the party requesting these documents from you. If your court records are electronic you can upgrade later from one package to the next by simply paying the difference (plus a minimal transaction fee). Always feel free to call us with any questions at (800) 650-5002.

Q: “What if I filed with my spouse, will we both be on the bankruptcy papers; and whose name do we put on the order form?”

A: If you filed with your spouse (or anyone else) you will both be on the bankruptcy documents together. You can put either person's name and the last 4 digits of that same person's social security number on the order form, and we'll pull-up the documents showing you both.

Q: “How will I know if my records have been archived (warehoused) by the bankruptcy court?”

A: Only a small percentage of documents have been archived. You can call us Toll Free to determine how quickly we can retrieve your records right over the phone. Or you can simply place your order and we’ll call you if they’ve been archived.  If they are, you can then either proceed with any additional rate or receive a refund.  It's always best to call our Toll Free Help Line to be sure, at (800) 650-5002.

Q: “What are 'Restricted Records'?”

A: As of 2012 all records from cases filed in 2003 or earlier have now been 'restricted' due to the records having the Petitioner's full Social Security Number on them. These records are still avialabe, however they now require a manual pull as they are no longer available electronically through the standard databases.  If your records have been restricted we will call you to tell you what is required, as all regions within the 50 states have different procedures for retrieving these newly restricted records.

Q: “What happens if I lose them again?”

A: We keep backup copies of all our clients’ previous orders, so ordering duplicates is only $10 should you need them again in the future. Duplicate sets requested within two weeks of your original order are free of charge.   * Due to the nature of Certified Documents, it is not possible to keep duplicates of Certified Documents.

Q: “Who all can order my records from my bankruptcy court proceedings?”

A: Bankruptcy court records are public records – which means anyone with enough information regarding your case can request them.

Q: “How far back in time can you go to get records from bankruptcy courts?”

A: Federal bankruptcy records are available as far back as the 1940’s. The level of difficulty increases (as does the cost of retrieval) the further back you go. Bankruptcy courts' information storage systems prior to 1998 were at times rather archaic. Sometimes the retrieval information was stored on anything from microfiche, to old index card Dewey Decimal systems (like libraries used to use), to handwritten ledgers stored in old boxes. Many times there is a ‘research fee’ associated with files prior to 1998 simply to determine their existence, and if available, their exact location. If you have a file earlier than 1998, please feel free to call us for answers at (800) 650-5002. Either the case number, or the full Social Security Number of one of the petitioners, will be required to facilitate such orders.

Q: “Can my lender or Underwriter call you if they need to get a 'verbal verification'?”

A: Absolutely. We will gladly perform ‘verbal verifications’ regarding previously filled orders.

Q: “Can I get  ‘Certified Copies’  of my court records?”

A: Yes – But they take longer to retrieve and cost more. Certified copies are rarely needed. Due to the nature of Certified Copies we cannot keep backup copies of Certified Documents.

Q: “Are you part of the federal court system?”

A: We are an authorized retrieval service with authority to retrieve bankruptcy court records in all five ways in which documents are stored, however we are not a direct part of the federal court system.

Q: “How To Know If A Site Is Secure?”

A: When you go to a site that displays security seals, be sure to click on those seals to see if they open up to the institutions that issue them.  If nothing happens when you click on a site's security seals you may want to avoid that site.  They may have pirated those seals, and should be reported to the institutions that issue them.  Click here for a consumer warning about Court Record Scams.

Feel free to call us with any questions about your specific situation or needs, at:

(800) 650-5002

(Monday through Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm PST)